per person 15,50 Euro
Coffee, tea (jug of your choice),
Oranges and multivitamin juice.
Melon with Serrano ham,
Tomatoes with mozarella and pesto,
Scrambled eggs with bacon (smoked bacon),
Cold cut plate:
(Mettwurst, Kassler, onion mince),
Cheese board with fruits,
homemade poultry salad,
homemade herb quark,
Meat or herring salad,
various jams, honey, Nutella on request,
Butter and margarine,
2 rolls (mill bakers) per person,
Spelt and black bread.

On request for an extra charge per person:
Glass of sparkling wine € 3,00
Smoked salmon with creamed radish, € 1,80
fresh fruit salad with yoghurt cream, € 3,00
fresh shrimps for scrambled eggs, € 4,50
Goulash soup, € 3,50
Mediterranean tomato soup. € 3,50

Brunch per person 22,50 Euro
Breakfast (see left),
Smoked salmon with creamed horseradish,
Turkey schnitzel with fresh mushrooms,
Onions in cream sauce on Basmati butter rice